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AAMAir-to-Air Missile
ABF(Annular Blast Fragmentation) warheadExplodes outwards in a ring shape sending fragments cutting into the target
AEPIPAdvanced Electronic Protection Improvement Program
AESAActive, Electronically Scanned ArrayA fixed array of antennas able to send beams of radio waves in different directions w/o moving.
AFRLAir Force Research Laboratory
AIM Air Intercept MissileAIM-9 Sidewinder, AIM-7 Sparrow, AIM-120 AMRAAM, AIM-132 ASRAAM
AMRAAMAdvanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile
ARHActive Radar HomingGuidance method: a missile illuminates the target with its own radar till impact.
ASRAAMAdvanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile
AURAll-Up-RoundMissile delivered completely assembled except for fins and wings, which can be added quickly
AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System
BVRBeyond Visual RangeMissile capable of 20 nm (37 km) or greater engagement range
BVRAAMBeyond Visual Range Air-to-Air MissileMeteor AAM
CATMCaptive Air Training MissileAn inert store meant to simulate an active missile for training purposes
CRWContinuous-Rod WarheadAnother name for a ABF (Annular Blast Fragmentation) warhead
DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DASDistributed Aperture SystemA 360° spherical electro-optical situational awareness system on the F-35.
DRFM(Digital Radio Frequency Memory) jamming
ECMElectronic CountermeasuresPrimarily, jamming of electronic signals and decoys such as chaff.
ECCMElectronic Counter-Countermeasures
EO/DASElectro-Optical Distributed Aperture System
EWElectronic Warfare
FLIRForward-Looking Infrared
FMRAAMFuture Medium-Range Air-to-Air MissileCanceled AMRAAM type missile with a ramjet
FMSForeign Military Sale
FPAFocal Plane ArrayArray of light sensing pixels at the focal plane of a lens that detect infrared and produces an image.
FYFiscal Year
FZUFuzing UnitDevice that contains the primer and detonator and electrical action to detonate the main booster charge.
GCIGround-Controlled Intercept
GPSGlobal Positioning SystemAccurate space-based world wide position, navigation and timing
GPS/INSGlobal Positioning System / Inertial Navigation SystemCombination of GPS and Inertial Navigation
HHOBS(Helmetless High-Angle Off-Boresight) capability
HMDHelmet Mounted Display
HMS Helmet Mounted Sight
HOBS(High-Angle Off-Boresight) capabilityAble to engage targets at extreme angles from a plane's line of sight.
HOJHome-on-JammingUsually a back-up guidance method to guide on a jamming target
HOTASHands On Throttle-And-Stick
HTKHit-to-KillInstead of having a warhead HTK means the missile itself flies into the target
HTPB(Hydroxyl Terminated Polybutadiene) propellantRocket fuel
HUDHeads-Up Display
IADSIntegrated Air Defense SystemRadar systems and SAMs integrated by a Command and Control structure
IFFIdentification, Friend or FoeSecure radar-based technology that distinguishes between friendly and enemy aircraft.
IIR(Imaging Infrared) seeker
IMInsensitive MunitionsWeapon/Warhead that wont explode except to destroy a target. At worst, it will burn but not explode.
IMUInertial Measurement Unit
INSInertial Navigation System
IOCInitial Operational CapabilityWhen a select unit or organization is equipped with a weapon and is able to deploy it operationally.
IRInfrared Radiation
IRCCMInfrared Counter-Counter-Measures
IRCMInfrared CountermeasureMost commonly, heat emitting decoy flares
IRHInfrared HomingGuidance method: passive homing on IR light emissions from a target.
IRIS-T(Infrared Imaging System – Tail / Thrust Vector controlled)AAM built by Diehl BGT Defence of Germany
IRST(Infrared Search and Track) system
JATMJoint Advanced Tactical MissileAIM-260
JDRADMJoint Dual Role Air Dominance MissileCanceled AMRAAM successor.
JHMCSJoint Helmet Mounted Cueing SystemHelmet-mounted display with capability to cue and verify cueing of high off-boresight sensors and weapons.
JNAAMJoint New Air-to-Air MissileMeteor derived missile being developed by the UK and Japan with AESA seeker
JSFJoint Strike FighterF-35 Lightning II
LASERLight Amplification by Stimulated Emission of RadiationPrimarily used for rangefinding, target designation, and target detection. see SHIELD.
LO(Low Observable) technologyTechniques to lower an object's visibility to radar or infrared tracking systems.
LOALLock-On After LaunchCapability of a missile to lock onto a target after launching from a plane.
LOBLLock-On Before Launch
LOSLine of Sight
LREWLong-Range Engagement Weapon
LRIPLow-Rate Initial Production
LWIRLong-Wave Infrared8-12 microns
MBDAMatra BAE Dynamics AleniaEuropean defense conglomerate - makers of ASRAAM, Meteor, and MICA
MFDMulti Function Display
MICAMissile d’Interception, de Combat et d’AutodéfenseFrench Air-to-Air Missile
MRAAMMedium Range Air-to-Air Missile
MSDMMiniature Self-Defense MunitionEnhance future platforms self-defense capability, without impacting the primary weapon payload
MWIRMid-Wave Infrared3-5 microns
NBVRNear Beyond Visual Range
NOENap-of-the-earthFlight at very low altitude to avoid enemy detection.
NGMNext Generation MissileAnother name for JDRADM.
NMNautical Mile = 1.151 miles approx.
OSFOptronique Secteur FrontalIRST system on Dassult Rafale
P3I(Pre-Planned Product Improvement) program
PIRATEPassive InfraRed Airborne Track EquipmentIRST system on the Eurofighter Typhoon
PkProbability of Kill
QTDDQuadrant Target Detection Device
RADARRadio Detection And RangingSystem that uses radio waves to detect and give information on aircraft, and other objects.
RAMRadar Absorbing MaterialA specialized coating or material which reduces the RCS of an aircraft
RCSRadar Cross-SectionMeasure of how detectable an object is on radar, lower values are better for stealth
RFRadio Frequency
ROERules Of EngagementPolitical and/or military rules that govern when and how an intercept can occur.
SASituational Awareness
SACMSmall Advanced Capability MissileConcept for a low-cost high performance missile which can be carried in large numbers.
SAMSurface-to-Air Missile
SARHSemi-Active Radar HomingGuidance method: a target is illuminated by a plane's radar till a missile strikes it.
SHIELDSelf-protect High Energy Laser DemonstratorGround-based fiber optic laser demonstrator for eventual aerial weapon.
SIPSystem Improvement Program
SRAAMShort Range Air-to-Air Missile'Dogfighting' missile for WVR engagements. Also known as WVRAAM.
SWIRShort-wave Infrared1-3 microns
T3Triple Target TerminatorDARPA project for a high speed, long range missile able to engage aircraft as well as defense targets.
TDDTarget Detection Device
TFRTerrain Following RadarClass of radar that allows an aircraft to reliably travel at very low altitudes automatically.
TVC(Thrust-Vectoring Control) systemJet vanes direct the flow of the rocket motor exhaust for greater maneuverability.
UAVUnmanned Aerial Vehicle
UCAVUnmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle
WCUWeapons Control UnitSection with hydraulic or pneumatic elements to control and stabilize the missile in flight.
WDUWeapons Detonation UnitSection containing warhead, fuze and related items.
WGUWeapons Guidance UnitSection provides the missile tracking, guidance and control signals.
WPUWeapons Propulsion UnitSection containing the rocket motor and related items.
WVRWithin Visual RangeLess Than 16 nm (30 km)
WVRAAMWithin Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile'Dogfighting' missile for WVR engagements. Also known as SRAAM.

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